Steam Cleaner Delete Steam cache & data left behind by gaming engines

Steam Cleaner Delete Steam cache & data left behind by gaming engines

For all those, who have been into PC gaming must have known about Steam. Steam is a digital distribution platform that brings you the latest of games and their experience on your Windows computer. You can connect with other players around the globe and have a rich PC gaming experience. While you download and play games using Steam, one thing that may trouble you is a large amount of data left behind by the Steam. If you are low on disk space, then that might be an issue. So how to you remove or delete Steam cache?

Steam Cleaner for Windows PC

Steam Cleaner, as the name suggests lets you clear all the data left behind by Steam and other popular gaming platforms. The freeware can clear a lot of unused and removable data and save up disk space in just seconds. You just need to run it and it will automatically detect steam path and will display the files that can be deleted and will also correspondingly display the size of those files. Just hit the Delete button and you are almost done. Steam Cleaner runs pretty fast on those files as you can see them vanish in just seconds.

Delete Steam cache

What kind of data is removed? This may be the first question that may come to your mind. Steam Cleaner may delete unused user profile files, leftover game files, old logs, etc and the original game files remain untouched. It may also delete the copies of DirectX and other such tools which are automatically downloaded while you install more than one game requiring the same thing. Redistributables which are downloaded with every game and are already available are also deleted. Also when updates to particular games and tools are downloaded, there are a lot of waste (non-required) files generated, and using Steam Cleaner all of such files can also be removed.

Other than Steam, this tool works for most of the popular PC gaming clients namely Origin, Uplay,, GoG and Nexon too!

Steam Cleaner is tiny in size and its source code is also available if you want to implement the functionality of tool in any of your projects.

If you are a PC gamer and use any of the clients mentioned above, then this tool is a must-have for you. Click here to download Steam Cleaner.

TIP: To flush the Steam cache, you can also run the following command in an elevated CMD:


You might want to take a look at Steam Library Manager too. It lets you Backup, restore, move Steam games. Also take a look at this Steam Tips and Tricks post.

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