Illyraid, a free multiplayer, multiplatform strategy game for Windows

Illyraid, a free multiplayer, multiplatform strategy game for Windows

Are you bored playing the same game again and again? Try this new and innovative strategy game that will surely make you addicted to it. Illyraid is a free, multi player, multi platform browser-based HTML5strategy game where there are no rules at all. It is being played on an infinite-round basis where there is no reset planned. It is a real time strategy game set in the world of fantasy where mountains, rivers, lakes, jungles, marshes, etc. exist with countries and factions, each with a different purpose and target. A Windows Store app is also available for Windows 8.1.

Illyraid games for Windows

Features of Illyraid, a free multiplayer, multiplatform strategy game

Some of the features of this game that make it a unique one among its own category are as follows-

With some many features and functionalities you will never get bored with this game. You can choose your own path of victory without being dependent on any one.

How to play Illyraid

Illyraid is a massively-multiplayer online real time strategy game (MMORTS) where you need to log in to your account in order to play. Create your hero by selecting one of the players of the four races in Illyraid. Be alert while selecting the player because each race of a player has some strength and some weakness as well.

In Illyraid there are five basic resources- Wood, Clay, Iron, Stone and Food and these are generated by the Lumberjack, Clay Pit, Iron Mine, Quarry and Farmyard respectively. Human race player starts on plains with 5 each of these resources. Similarly, each player of other races have different amount of resources and starting area. Advanced resources like horses, livestock, beer, books, spears, swords, bows, saddles are built from the basic resources only and are used to build Military and Diplomatic Units. Gold is the currency in the game which can be used for various purposes.

In Illyraid there are 8 research areas. These are City, Diplomacy, Quest, Magic, Military, Trade, Crafting and Sovereignty. In order to research the new technology it is first necessary to research the required technology. The technology tree in Illyraid will display the entire non discovery technologies in the game and the relationship that exist between each other.

Build your fantasy empire with all the innovative strategies that could help you to win this free multiplayer, multiplatform strategy game. Built huts, mine, quarries and send out your person to search more resources for future construction.   Build your plan gather, craft, trade, scheme and fight and make your own unique city and be a master of it. Built alliance with thousand of players and craft and trade over resources in the player market to built a village and create an empire.

Click here to login and play the game online. You can also now download its Windows Store app.

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