Best Free Chess Games for Windows 10

Best Free Chess Games for Windows 10

Chess, as a board game, is one of the most challenging and complex activities you can do in your free time or if you feel like having a duel with one of your colleagues or college mates. Fortunately, there are a lot of options on your Windows 10 PC to play Chess with bots or compete with actual humans, whether friends or online players. You can choose to download a desktop software or a Windows Store app or play online, depending on your preference.

Chess Games for Windows 10

Here is a list of some of the best free Chess games for your Windows 10 PC. Pick a 3D Chess Game, a desktop freeware, a Windows Store app or play an online chess game.

1. 3D Chess Game

3D Chess Game for Windows 10 is a chess game that takes not a lot of disk space. The 3D graphics have been carefully designed, giving the players a lot of zooms and swivel freedom. The game offers around 25 levels that you can play against bots, increasing difficulty with each level. Do keep in mind that there is no online playing mode as the game is downloadable and can be played without internet access. The game offers performance statistics after every round but the audio is quite unrealistic, and the game is better played on mute. Get it from the Windows Store. You can also check out another 3D Chess game there.

2. Chess 2013

This interactive chess application is a great game to explore when you have no work in an office or are just trying to pass some time. Pick your difficulty level and see if you can beat the AI as it increases difficulty. You also have the option to undo your move if you make a mistake. Chess 2013 records the moves in the standard chess notation and lets you jump to any point in the game. The moves are automatically saved and loaded when you close and reopen the application. The development of the game is assessed in the Evaluation panel - positive values indicate White's advantage, negative values indicate Black's advantage. Download it from CNET - the download looks clean by the way!

3. Chess 24

If you want to explore the world of playing chess with multiple players online, whether on your network or across the world, Chess24 offers a great platform for you to do just that. Chess24 is an Internet-only chess gaming website that offers languages including Spanish, English, and German. The biggest aspect of Chess 24 is that it is fully supported and endorsed by big chess grandmasters like Vishwanathan Anand and Peter Svidler. Gaming is not the only aspect of this website. You can also stream and watch major chess events live from anywhere in the world. Chess 24 also lets you improve your game by offering different trainers and practice modes. Click here to visit the website.

4. Chess Time

Chess Time is one of the highest-rated chess game apps on Windows Store. It is available on both Windows 10 and Windows Phone. The best feature of this app is that you can play online with cross-platform users on even Android and iOS at the same time. You can invite friends in for a game or someone random. Your ranking and amount of points are determined by your win-loss ratio. If you enjoy Chess, this is a great way to play the game if you're ever bored.

5. Lucas Chess

Another free online portal for playing chess is Lucas Chess. The game has 40 engines prepared to play from the start, and with very different levels, from 0 to 3300. This is purely played with the computer and you choose to either train, play with one engine or play with a combination of engines to challenge the best in you. There is also a special mode for young children getting into the game, wherein they will be able to begin their apprenticeship with special engines that know little more than moving the pieces, and this will enable them to win against the engines from the very beginning.

Any Chess lovers here?

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